11 Empowering Quotes From Bishop T.D. Jakes That Will Restore Your Motivation

Cooper Neill

Get a taste of what the world-renowned Bishop has in store as the headliner for ESSENCE Festival Durban 2017.

Rachaell Davis Aug, 15, 2017

We’re elated to have globally acclaimed Bishop, motivational speaker and entrepreneur T.D. Jakes join us for this year’s international edition of ESSENCE Festival, takin place September 26 – October 1 in Durban, South Africa. While we get ready for Bishop Jakes to bless ESSENCE Fest Durban 2017, here are 11of his most empowering quotes to get you through your week.

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"God didn’t create you to keep everybody happy."

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"You have to endure to earn the right to be respected and tough enough to stand."

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"You can’t feel love that doesn’t reach you. So, even though I have it for you, if I don’t give it to you, you can’t enjoy it or benefit from it and you might starve to death for the lack of what I thought, but didn’t say."

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"When your faith is the strongest, you come up under the greatest attack."

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"Maybe you don't need a new situation, maybe you need a new perspective."

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"The mess is part of the process that leads to progress."

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"Don’t let your pain distract you form the purpose God has on your life."

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"You would be surprised the good things we guys think about you women that we don’t tell you."

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"Start deleting distractions so you can focus."

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"You have to maximize where you are WHILE you deal with where you were."

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"When the passion on the inside becomes greater than the obstacle on the outside, you will always win!"