Yvonne Orji Admits Being A Virgin And Playing Molly On ‘Insecure’ Is Really Hard
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Yvonne Orji has talked about her being a virgin countless times, but in a new interview with Fusion TV’s new docu-series, SEX.RIGHT.NOW. WITH CLEO STILLER she reveals that staying a virgin at 33 can be challenging. 

In this exclusive clip, Orji talks about her role on Insecure and how it juxtaposes her real life. Currently, 10 percent of American women wait to have sex and the actress is happy to talk about her journey. 

“It’s day by day and it’s by grace,” she said about her sexual status. “I’m a virgin and I’m playing this girl on TV who’s like sexually free. And there are days that I would go home from set and I’d just be like, ‘I want somebody to come over.’ And it’s like no, go to bed.”

“I would also ask myself, ‘What you want him to come over for? What y’all ‘gon do?!'” she jokes.

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