Fully embracing the carefree-Black-girl aesthetic, Smith makes the political personal. After the results of the 2016 presidential election, the Chanel brand ambassador released the ballad “November 9,” seeking to uplift the disheartened. She has also traveled to North Dakota with her brother, Jaden, to stand in solidarity with Native people and protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

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Smith is set to executive produce Soundscape, a music video series that features “visual mix-tapes that upend stereotypes."

Sydney Scott
May, 04, 2017

Willow Smith, 16, is looking out for the girls with a new video series that will bring budding musicians and women filmmakers together.

Teaming up with Refinery29, Smith will executive produce, Soundscape, a music video series that pairs next-gen women filmmakers with up-and-coming musicians. 

Deadline reports that the series will include “one-of-a-kind visual mix-tapes that upend stereotypes.” Musicians will then get the opportunity to hit the road with their videos, kicking off a tour that starts at the Los Angeles Music Video Festival. 

The inspiration for Soundscape comes from a recent research initiative at USC Annenberg, where Dr. Stacy L. Smith examined the inclusion of women in the business and creative sides of the music industry. 

Smith is also set to produce two female-drive fantasy projects after acquiring the film rights to Alwyn Hamiliton’s young adult trilogy Rebel of the Sands and developing an animated series, Menencholy.