We Can't Stop Laughing At Whoopi Goldberg Talking About The Good Old Days Of Getting High

ESSENCE spoke to the actress at a recent junket for Tyler Perry's "Nobody's Fool," where she remembered the simple days of weed.
Whoopi Goldberg is speaking candidly about a simpler time — when weed was a little less complicated. Goldberg is now starring in Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool as the onscreen mother of Tika Sumpter and Tiffany Haddish, who grows weed in her house. The Oscar winner spoke to ESSENCE earlier this week during a sit-down interview in New York City, where she opened up about one of her favorite habits, now being legalized across the U.S. While her co-star Amber Riley, who was sitting next to her, admitted that she’s never indulged, Goldberg recalled that there was once a time when even cannabis strains didn’t exist. “There were just names of things,” she said, “it wasn’t strains. It was just names of stuff. Now there’s strains and you now [you know] the mother’s plant name and you know the father’s plant name. There was none of that in my day.” Goldberg admitted that nowadays the cannabis that’s available is “a lot and the high is too much.” She added that her back-in-the-day highs used to be pretty mellow, and those who partook the plant could pluck from “big bags of dirty weed with all kinds of stuff that came out and you threw your seeds away so they would grow.” Ha!   TOPICS: