Where Are They Now? The Cast of ‘Harlem Heights’


Though the show only lasted one season, it’s forever placed on our list of unforgotten Black culture moments.

Ni'Kesia Pannell Aug, 31, 2017

During the time when BET made it a point to connect with their young black audience on a realistic level, the docu-series Harlem Heights was born. Following eight young, Black professionals through their lives in the late 2000s, the show proved to all those watching that being Black didn’t mean being defeated in a pre-gentrified iconic neighborhood.

Update: A previous version of this had Brooke Crittendon mentioned. Her information has been taken down for inaccuracies in the article.

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If you thought Christian Grant-Fields was always going to be a lifestyle editor for 'Dime' magazine, think again. Staying on with the outlet for a little under a year after the show’s ending, Christian went on to hold multiple positions at Nike until 2016. Now, he works for Under Armour as the Senior Global Brand Manager for the basketball department. Oh, and did we mention he was once engaged to Brooke?

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While on the show, Landon Dais was running for New York City Council and was known as an up and coming leader in the Harlem Community. It should be of no surprise that after the show wrapped, Landon continued in politics. Now an associate attorney, the accomplished political strategist has a resume that’s as polished as his character— he’s also runs the South n’ the City annual party in New York City.

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Once on a quest to earn respect as an actress, Ashlie Gray has remained relatively quiet and out of the limelight since ending her stint on the show. Aside from co-hosting Uptown magazine’s “The Weekend…With Ciroc” series a few years ago, it is said that she is still working to get her breakout role as a comedic actress.

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Now the head of social media at Getty Images, Bridget Bland has had an amazing career since ending. Previously writing for AOL and MTV Radio, Bridget — now carrying the last name Bogee — went on to do digital media marketing for well-known corporations such as Chrysler.

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Known as quite the fashionista while on the show, Briana Bigham has led quite a successful career since 'Harlem Heights' wrapped. She served as senior designer for Yummy Life for almost eight years, now the FIT graduate is now working as senior designer for a major contemporary brand found in a few high-end stores. Though Briana now lives in Los Angeles, she spends at least two months out of the year in Asia for work.