Where Are They Now? The Cast Of 'Brown Sugar'

Crystal Tate Oct, 12, 2017

When it comes to our favorite Black romantic comedies, Brown Sugar is definitely at the top of our list.

The film, which starred Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan, was released in 2002 and also received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture. In honor of the film’s 15 anniversary, here’s a look at where the cast members are today.

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In 'Brown Sugar', Lathan starred as Sidney a.k.a. Sid, the editor-in-chief at 'XXL' magazine and childhood friend and eventual love interest of Dre.

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Earlier this year, Lathan starred as investigator Ashe Akino in the now-cancelled FOX drama, 'Shots Fired'. Lathan is also playing the lead role in the romantic comedy 'Nappily Ever After', which will hit the big screen in 2018.

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Diggs played the role of Dre, an A&R executive at a hip-hop label in 'Brown Sugar'.

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Over the years, Diggs has played in several TV and film roles. Most recently, Diggs starred as politician Angelo DuBois on the hit show, 'Empire'. He also starred in the 'Til Death Do Us Part' movie, which just hit theaters in September.

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Parker played the character of Reese, an entertainment attorney and Dre’s fiancée, in 'Brown Sugar'.

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Parker met and married her husband, Boris Kodjoe on the set of 'Brown Sugar'. The lovebirds who married in 2005 are raising their children in Los Angeles. And earlier this year, Parker starred in the now-cancelled TV series, 'Time After Time'. Parker is also currently filming 'HeadShop', and will play the lead actress in the 2018 movie.

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In 'Brown Sugar', Queen Latifah played the part of Francine, Sid’s opinionated cousin.

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Since the 2002 film, Queen Latifah has had a successful career that spanned music, acting and even hosting her own talk show. Over the summer, Queen Latifah starred in the hit comedy movie, 'Girls Trip' that's the highest-grossing adult comedy of 2017. She also plays Carlotta Brown on the TV series, 'Star'.

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Kodjoe was Sid’s attentive boyfriend and NBA star Kelby Dawson in the film.

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In addition to raising his family with Parker, Kodjoe currently plays Dr. Will Campbell in the CBS drama 'Code Black', which will premiere its third season early next year.

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Rapper Mos Def was a cab driver/ rapper named Cav in 'Brown Sugar'.

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Mos Def turns 44 on Dec 11.

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Weiner was Ren, a part of The Hip Hop Dalmations duo, in the film.

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Since the movie, Weiner has played in roles on 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'The New Normal'. Most recently, Weiner has done voices for characters and written for the Adult Swim sketch comedy, 'Robot Chicken'.

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Jeffries played the adorable younger version of Dre in the film.

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Now that Jeffries is all grown up, he’s had TV and movie roles including a stint on the hit Starz show, 'Power'. He’s also starring in 'Chocolate City 3: Live Tour', which hits theaters next year.

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Pierce was cast as Dre’s high-powered boss at the record label in the movie.

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Pierce currently plays attorney Robert Zane on the popular legal drama TV series, 'Suits'. Pierce is also starring in several other upcoming TV shows and films.

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Evans had a smaller role as an older woman in 'Brown Sugar', but the now 70-year-old actress has had quite an acting career over the years. Evans recently had guest roles on popular TV series 'Girls' and 'Master of None'. In 2018, Evans will also guest star in the Netflix hit show, 'Luke Cage'.