When you spend 40 or more hours a week working alongside someone who looks like Being Mary Jane’s Justin (Michael Ealy), there’s bound to be romance brewing in the workplace. The secrets and the hiding may be fun for Justin and Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union), but the romantic alliance can be a threat to everyone else’s livelihood.

This week’s episode showed exactly how work place romances can impact the entire team. The minute MJ and Justin had their first rendezvous during the winter season finale, it impacted their co-workers in ways that Mary Jane wasn’t ready for, which resulted in the termination of former Great Day USA co-host Rhonda and her best friend Kara all at the hands of Justin’s plan. You would think that your man would have your back in and outside of the workplace, but in Justin’s case, you can’t be so sure. Their affair is leaving them on divided in the board room since the two just can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to hiring new anchors to what segments MJ gets to work on.

The new office romance is also leaving some people to feel vulnerable about their employment. Then Kara gets re-hired (Justin’s plan of course) and discovers that her best friend is sleeping with the enemy or the “piece of s**t snake,” which makes Kara uncomfortable her job back, but nervous for Mary Jane’s future at Great Day USA. How will Kara and MJ’s friendship and working relationship handle this new monkey wrench intheir dream of television domination? MJ’s co-anchor Aaron discovers the secret affair and spills the beans to their supervisor, Garrett, before the couple can come clean. Aaron admits to Justin that he felt threatened by their new alliance and that he refused to let them run him off the air like they did Rhonda. So now MJ and Justin have the entire office giving them the side-eye, making this new couple enemy number one at Great Day USA.

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“That’s the thing about making so many enemies. When you get stabbed in the back, you don’t know which one did it,” Kara tells MJ. If you are a career-driven person it’s probably best not to mix busienss and pleasure, because your journey to the top can come to a complete halt when your office romance starts to affect the world around you.