What You Said: The Moment I Fell In Love With ‘Scandal’
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All season long Olivia Pope and President Grant have kept Scandal fans at the edge of their seats with their sizzling hot romance and the show’s dramatic and ever-so-juicy plot. With just one episode left, the show that has become everyone’s Thursday night guilty pleasure is about to say farwell for the summer. True fans will miss it every single day that it’s away, and so to pay tribute, we asked all the ESSENCE “gladiators” to share the moment they became hooked on Scandal. These were our favorite replies!

The ‘Scandalous’ Moments That Won You Over

“The moment the wife of America’s pastor stretched her hand out to the mistress of her dead husband, I shifted from fan to a converted gladiator in my starched white suit. Every week I look forward to the scandalous heat, intensity, passion, and lingo that is Scandal. TGIF is now TGIT!”– Natasha

Shonda Rhimes showcases Black women as something to be loved and hard fought for. She shows young Black girls that men of all types love us too and that we are second to none!” Nina

“I fell in love when I saw how fierce Olivia Pope is.”Yvette 

“I fell in love after the first lovemaking scene between Olivia & Fitz! I was so sincerely head first into their passion that it made me feel like I was cheating!– Elenis 

“I fell in love with Scandal on the very first episode! The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia, the craziness that is Mellie, Huck’s lovable yet dark character and the DRAMA!”Courtney

“The moment when Fitz asked, no begged, Olivia to stand with him for just one minute. I held my breath the entire time!”– Meachun

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“That forbidden love that you know you shouldn’t advocate for, but you just can’t help it because you know they belong together. Love it!” Sharry  

“After seeing Kerry in her white suit (a bad girl acting good) and the chemistry she had with Fitz it was a wrap.”  Bobby 

“The moment I watched a strong, independent, beautiful, black queen running things and commanding respect!” – Tia

“When Olivia said ‘it’s handled’ and when Fitz said ‘one minute.’ Kemberley  

“Now that the show is over for the season I am having withdrawal syndrome come Thursday nights.” – Karen

“From the opening lines of the very first episode this show brings you into the world of the Gladiators. It’s a roller coaster of emotion, drama and scandal at every turn. Shonda Rhimes has outdone herself again!” – Nelli