The Season Finale of ‘Underground’ Gave Us Serious Goosebumps


There is no other way to describe the thrilling season-one finale of ‘Underground,’ WGN’s hit runaway slave drama. First, we learned the fate of our favorite characters. Rosalee, Boo and Cato got away while Noah was recaptured and Ernestine was sold after she cunningly disguised Master Macon’s murder as a suicide. Best of all, we watched Rosalee become friends with the most celebrated member of the Underground Railroad: Harriet Tubman.

Now that’s good writing. Fans on Twitter thought so too.

Me when I seent Harriet Tubman’s signature shotgun (before she even said her name, I knew). #UndergroundWGN

— Starr R. (@GangStarrGirl) May 12, 2016


Yaaaaassssss Harriet #UndergroundWGN

— Garnerstyle (@GarnerStyle) May 12, 2016

And this:

The name’s Harriet …… Absolutely loved the series! #UndergroundWGN

— Andre’ R. Ellis (@andreellis55) May 12, 2016

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What did you think of the inaugural finale of Underground and will you be able to hold on until the season-two premiere in 2017? Weigh in below.


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