Dr. Jones Has An Insane Medical Conundrum In This ‘We Are The Joneses’ Sneak Peek

Centric’s We Are The Joneses will include back-to-back episodes this week, but before they air, ESSENCE has a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Seems there’s a bit of a challenge ahead for Dr. Jones as a revolutionary new treatment could help a patient win the battle against keloids. 

“I’ve been dealing with keloids for some 20 plus years,” says the patient, “and every time they come back bigger.” 

We trust that Dr. Jones will be able to tackle the problem.

Meanwhile, Cathleen’s got issues of her own, admittedly, not as big. She needs to do a little work on the tennis court to fix that back hand. 

It’s going to be Jones versus Jones on the court.

We Are The Joneses airs Saturdays at 10p.m. on Centric.