Vivica’s Black Magic Premiere
David Livingston

Strip clubs may cater to men, but women undoubtedly have the power and the money when it comes to exotic dance establishments. 

Actress Vivica A. Fox taps into that sense of control and unabashed sexuality in her racy new reality series Vivica’s Black Magic. The show, which premieres Wednesday on Lifetime, tracks Fox’s plans to create a profitable urban exotic male revue that generates buzz and excitement in Los Angeles before ultimately landing in Las Vegas.   

But the path to riches is riddled with drama, making the show as histrionic as it is sexy. For starters, Fox and her two gal pals hold auditions to find seven muscle-bound dancers. An eighth dancer, Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire, joins the group, a move that creates some resentment due to Bolwaire and Fox’s history.

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Bolwaire’s ability to sidestep the audition breeds contempt among some of the dancers, as do choreographer Darrin Henson (Soul Food) and his suggested routines. Not surprisingly, most of the contention fades as soon as the men start disrobing onstage.

Intrigued? Here are five reasons why Vivica’s Black Magic is worth a shot: 

The Dancers: Sure, these men have beautiful bodies and most of them know how to move and grind seductively. What is even more intriguing is each man’s backstory. For instance, Greg “White Chocolate” Johnson used to be a stockbroker and Mike “Profit the Problem” Strong is the father of five. 

Fox’s Commentary: The star of Kill Bill and Empire is easy to root for because of her comedic and blunt observations. Fox’s ability to be an alpha and lead the staff with her words and presence is also impressive. 

The Odds: Each man has a cross to bear – two guys lack dance experience while another struggles with his body image – and it’s those shortcomings that add a layer of pathos to Vivica’s Black Magic.

The Supporting Cast: Fox, 52, knows it is going to take a village to make her revue a hit. So she enlists the help of Henson the choreographer and costume designer Anre Brownlee. Eurika Pratts works as a judge and show coordinator and Kiana Rene is a judge and talent coordinator. Both women help keep the dancers in line and prepare them for performances. 

The Representation: Fans of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL may have felt like both movies could’ve benefitted from more melanin. Like the Chocolate City movies, Vivica’s Black Magic has an abundance of beautiful Black male dancers and one white male dancer. 

Vivica’s Black Magic premieres Wednesday Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.