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Harry. Where's Auggie? I didn't you were here. That's not what I asked you. Ain't your mama ever tell you not answer a question with a question? I see him. Mickey. Shut up. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, there go your daddy, Auggie! [BLANK_AUDIO] Auggie! [SOUND] Auggie! What, what, what, what, what, what, what? Come on man. What are you doing? [SOUND] Why are you doing this? Doing what Michelle? You and these women. Come on now. You and these drugs, man. You promised me you were going to stop. Why you here? It's ok baby.>> Michelle, why are you here? You were supposed to come and get your kids this morning. Really, so you're going to bring them to the studio. Well it look like that's the only place they can see their daddy. Hey daddy. Here you go, man. How you doing? Hey Hey Hey Hey. Don't talk to him, come here, baby. I'm not doing this when we get married, Oggy. Married? Ain't nobody trying to marry you. Married. [BLANK_AUDIO] What? I said ain't nobody trying to marry you, okay? I'm not even thinking about marriage right now. Okay? No. I don't think that's what you said. Yes I did. I don't think that's what you said. Not when I'm sitting here with your two kids. And I'm not trying to talk about it in the studio. It's not the time or the place. I can't find you nowhere else but the studio. That's because I've been working. That's what you call this? Hey, don't touch that. He can touch what the hell he want to touch. Talk to my kid like that. Hey Come on now. Stop all this.. He can touch what he wants to touch. Touch it! We don't need all this in the study. Touch this ****! Why you doing this, Michelle? It's all right, baby. I'm bothering you? Look at this sweetness in here. I'm bothering you, Auggie? We bothering you? Me and your two kids bothering you? What's up, Ray, baby? I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm bothering your little hookers. He got two kids! Don't touch him. Hey, now. Calm it down. Come on, pull all that back, we don't need all this in the studio, we don't need all this anywhere. Hey you okay? Yeah. Don't talk to him, go outside baby. Go outside. Hey come on, come on right now. Michelle come on, it's too early, would you stop this please? 9:00 in the morning and you up in here with these hoes. Come on now! [BLANK_AUDIO] Is he done? Really? Do we need all this? Is it necessary to, no it's not. My Lord, come on. Know what? [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND] It's all right. Your daddy ain't worth a damn. It's all right. And we're gonna be all right. Where are you going? Away from you. Really. Where are you trying to go? You ain't the only producer in town, Auggie. I'm not the only producer in town? No, you're not. And you didn't make me, Auggie. Really? You're young. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't worry about us. We'll be all right. Go to hell, Auggie. Michelle, come here. No. Michelle, come here. No. Michelle, come here. Michelle! [BLANK_AUDIO]

Watch a Sneak Peek of Miki Howard's TV One Biopic Starring Teyonah Paris

In this exclusive scene from her TV One biopic (airing tonight), Miki Howard (played by Teyonah Paris) comes to grips with her toxic relationship with ex-husband, fellow singer Augie Johnson.