Watch #InMyFeed: We Heard Bill Cosby Wants Out Of Prison, But Uhh...Who Doesn't?

Danielle Young Oct, 08, 2018

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Happy That’s Not How Discovery Works Day! Happy Columbus Who? Day!

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Bill Cosby’s been in prison for all of two weeks and he reportedly already wants out of prison. But, sir…who doesn’t? Apparently, Cosby’s lawyers asked a Pennsylvania court to overturn the actor’s sex assault conviction and prison sentence.

And Missy Elliott must have received a signal from the music gods that we’re in need of not only her music, but her good vibes because the musical genius just dropped a taste of some new music and all I know is, I haven’t stopped dancing to “Cool Off. “

And finally, with a few days left in Hispanic Heritage Month, ESSENCE is celebrating with your favorite afro-rockin’ Afro Latina artist, Amara Le Negra with an exclusive interview.

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