Every Member Of The Hive Needs To See This Epic Visual Tribute To Beyoncé
Meltdown Productions

Beyoncé has been in entertainment for more than 20 years. The chart-topping singer has earned multiple Grammys, won a Peabody award for Lemonade, and has even landed multiple Golden Globe nominations. And none of this is even the tip of the iceberg.

To celebrate Beyoncé’s birthday, YouTuber and online personality Kalen Allen teamed up with director Julian Roca to showcase the evolution of the singer.

Allen hits every dance move, every costume change, every moment, flawlessly in the video, taking us on an amazing visual journey of Beyoncé’s work.

The video even caught the eye of Queen Bey herself, who shared it on Facebook with a simple “Thank you.”

The jaw-dropping video was no easy one-man feat. Allen took to Twitter to thank everyone involved, writing, “This tribute would not have been possible without my amazing team! Thank you all so much for pulling this together in a week! I hope you are just as proud of it as I am! I am forever grateful and humbled by your graciousness!”

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Check out the amazing visual tribute to Beyoncé above.


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