The ladies of  VanJess are heating things up for the spring with a sensual new video for their latest single, “HoneyWheat.”

Beautifully complimenting the songs’ melodic tone, the simplistically artist visual sees the talented R&B duo flanked by an array of women of color as they vocally take viewers on a journey through an all-consuming love affair and celebrate the beauty in being a fearless woman who knows just what she wants.

“Honeywheat is a sensual song that couldn’t have come at a more simple moment,” group member Ivana tells ESSENCE. “A box of honeywheat pancake mix and some lustful thoughts gives the song its body, a feeling of wanting someone and finally being in their sweet space and presence.”

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For director Alexandra Gavillet, the video concept was all about bringing the bold and confident feel of the song to life through powerful, artistic inspiration that honors women.

“I love the confidence and boldness that VanJess possess, there is such a boldness that Jess + Van have — they are true Goddesses,” Gavillet says. “The sensuality and intimacy of “Honeywheat” immediately made me think about what it means to be a Goddess, and how to own your Queendom in true VanJess fashion, and I thought it would be incredible to honor women in a moving painting concept, inspired by the early paintings in the Renaissance and Baroque era of Art.”

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