Vanessa Simmons Reflects On Her Distant Relationship With Sister Angela
Bryan Steffy

Fans of Vanessa and Angela Simmons will remember the sisters’ close relationship on MTV reality series Run’s House, where we watched as they launched their fashion line Pastry.

Now, it seems the two aren’t as close as they used to be. 

In a clip from this week’s Growing Up Hip Hop, Vanessa sits down with Kristinia DeBarge to catch up and chat about all the things they have going on. However, when questioned about how things are going with her boyfriend, Michael Wayans, and sister Angela, things get a bit frosty.

Things are fine with Michael, it’s her relationship with Angela that Vanessa’s worried about.

Check out the clip above to see just how tense things get when Vanessa reaches out to Angela for a quick check-in.

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