‘Underground’ Recap: The Makings of Rosalee
Every week Underground gives viewers someone to root for and Rosalee was our champion this time around. Rosalee, played by the always likeable Jurnee Smollett-Bell, rose to the occasion and proved that she’s not just a pretty face on Wednesday’s exciting installment titled “Troubled Water.” Jurnee Smollett-Bell on the Physical Challenges of Filming ‘Underground’ First, she helped secure the boat for the group, then she fought off August the slave catcher and swam away – see, we can swim too – but best of all, when her crew needed her the most, Rosalee connected with nearby Native American allies. Talk about ride or die. And Twitter ate it up.

WOW !!! #underground #Rosalee Amazing !! https://t.co/WM61HJHuuT — Tay (@therealRellow) April 14, 2016


I just hope Cato will finally STFU, now that Rosalee has once again came through in the clutch. #Underground — Titania (@ACutEs1ght) April 14, 2016

Amid all the drama, it was confirmed that Tom Macon isn’t just Rosalee’s master, but her father and he taught her to swim. We also learned that her mom Ernestine (the amazing Amirah Vann) envies the field slaves for their ability to “take off their masks” at the end of the day. The contrast between Rosalee coming into her own in and around the water and Ernestine being harshly judged by the preacher in the water was also dope.

Wait, so Rosalee’s Dad is also her “master”??…. #Underground @UndergroundWGN #SippinTea @jurneesmollett pic.twitter.com/W1UVHwM8x7

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— Lauren (@Lao_Ashley19) April 14, 2016
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