‘Underground’ Recap: How Will Things End for Rosalee and Noah?

Four simple words added a heightened sense of urgency to WGN’s sublimely subversive runaway slave drama Underground Wednesday night: “We gotta go now.”

‘Underground’ Premiere Breaks Network Record

That’s what Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) the house slave breathlessly said to Noah (Aldis Hodge) the field slave before the two ran away to freedom. Bill the overseer had tried to rape her. She fought back and Bill is probably dead. This wasn’t Noah’s plan of course. But when the woman of your dreams tells you she murdered her racist attacker in self-defense, you don’t exactly argue with her. Even the actor who plays Bill agreed with Rosalee’s actions.

Rosalee goes into Bill’s cabin as 1 person & comes out another one – such bravery. #UndergroundWGN #RunRosaleeRun pic.twitter.com/FjkQSFnFyJ — PJ MARSHALL (@ThePJMarshall) March 24, 2016


Meanwhile, some tweeters were so caught up in the scene, they felt like they were on the lam:

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@jurneesmollett Got me out of breath like I’m running with y’all, go #UndergroundWGN — Juliana J. Bolden (@JulianaJai) March 24, 2016


Other viewers relied on levity to stop from crying:

Noah & Rosalee We out! #UndergroundWGN pic.twitter.com/v8UfJdC57o — Josiah Bell (@josiahbell) March 24, 2016


Wow. How will this end for Rosalee and Noah and how long will it be before the trackers are alerted and the hunt begins? What did you think of Rosalee and Noah’s daring escape? Weigh in below.