‘Underground’ Recap: Death Will Have Its Way

It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees, and Zeke proved that in the latest installment of WGN’s Underground.

First Cato (Alano Miller) double-crossed Zeke (Theodus Crane) and then Zeke had to fight off three slave catchers. But after his wife killed their baby and the master sold Zeke’s wife a few episodes ago, Zeke had nothing to lose. So he decided to embrace death like a warrior and take his captors with him – and his choice had viewers in tears. Others, Black and White, celebrated his defiance and his ax wielding.

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Zeke, I’m very sad but at least you took out a few. #Underground @UndergroundWGN — Troy Richard Mock (@tpatroy) April 7, 2016


the scene with zeke is just so sad… you can feel him go from desperate to resigned.. to fighting til the death… #underground

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— Taz (@taznotes) April 7, 2016


A few viewers also mourned the death of Pearly Mae (Adina Porter). In case you missed it, Ernestine (Amirah Vann) poisoned Pearly Mae to stop her from selling out the other runaways in exchange for freedom. Talk about heart wrenching.

Trying to contain myself and hold back tears. Zeke & Pearly Mae were two powerful characters. #UndergroundWGN #Underground — Love Effortlessly (@estJanuary23) April 7, 2016


What did you think of Zeke’s death? Did Ernestine have to kill Pearly Mae or was there another way? Weigh in below.

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