EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Tyler Perry’s New Film, ‘Nobody’s Fool’
NBC/Getty Images

This fall, funny woman Tiffany Haddish continues her meteoric rise in Hollywood, starring alongside Tika Sumpter, Whoopi Goldberg and Omari Hardwick in Tyler Perry’s new comedy film, Nobody’s Fool.

The official release date of the film is slated for November 2, and we have an exclusive first look at the all-star trio in a scene from the movie. In the photo below, you can already see the hilarious dynamic between Haddish, Sumpter and Goldberg as they exchange concerned glances with each other.


Written, produced and directed by Perry, the premise of the movie will center on Haddish’s character Tanya, who has just been released from prison and is a bit of a wild child. When Tanya’s life goes off the rails, she seeks out the help of her play-by-the-rules sister Danica (portrayed by Sumpter) to help her get back on track. Of course when the sisters’ different personalities collide, you can expect hysterical and, at times, disastrous results, as Tanya soon discovers that Danica’s life and relationship aren’t as seemingly perfect as she thought.

“It was so fun and exciting being part of a story about sisterhood, family dysfunction and love in a comedic atmosphere,” says Sumpter. “It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had. To work with Tiffany [Haddish] and Whoopi [Goldberg] was an absolute joy. There were non-stop laughs on set and Tyler [Perry] provided an atmosphere of safety to try anything for our characters. It was pretty awesome, and I’m super grateful to be part of this film.”

Don’t miss this hilarious, family-oriented movie when it hits theaters this November.