Tracee Ellis Ross taps into her inner pop diva for her latest film, The High Note.

The actress is a spitting image of her legendary mother, Diana Ross, in the role that has her sharing her hereditary singing chops. The Golden Globe Award–winning actress, who plays iconic singer Grace Davis in the film, just put out the lead single from the movie’s sound track, “Love Myself.”

The Rodney Jerkins–produced track was written by Sarah Aarons ( John Legend, Khalid) and Greg Kurstin (Pink, Celine Dion). The soultry tune shows off Ross’s vocals fabulously.

The High Note‘s 15-song sound track also includes new songs from Ross’s costar Kelvin Harrison, Jr.

Directed by Nisha Ganatra and written by Flora Greeson, The High Note follows Ross’s character Davis, a middle-aged pop star, as she grapples with playing it safe in her successful career or releasing new music. The only thing bigger than Davis’s star power is her ego. She revels in her fans attention, but struggles with the lack of creativity.

She’s locked in by the expectations of fans and her longtime manager (Ice Cube), but her overworked assistant Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is the only one who believes that Davis can defy the odds and put out a new hit record.

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Tired of fetching green juices and organic tampons for someone who can barely remember her full name, Maggie pitches herself as a producer and asks for the opportunity to help Davis move beyond her past greatness with new music.

Ultimately Davis has to decide whether to fizzle out slowly in a Las Vegas residency or take a chance on finding a fresh sound. 

Find out what Davis will chose when The High Note premieres on demand in homes on May 29.


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