Tonight’s Episode of ‘Empire’ in 5 Hilarious Tweets
Chuck Hodes/ FOX

Tonight’s episode of Empire was filled with the usual super sized drama. But b’gosh, there were some head-scratching moments.

Like, when Michael let the wannabe Basquiat artist guy give him a private happy joy joy moment with his mouth. What gives Michael?

What. Just. Happened. Michael? #Empire — Essence Magazine (@essencemag) October 22, 2015




Earlier in the episode, wannabe Basquiat had the nerve to tell Jamal “a mouth is a mouth.” That line is a keeper. Good one, Empire writers.


Ha! This dude said, “A mouth is a mouth”! I’m thew #Empire — Mionna: Just Mi Blog (@allnaturalmi) October 22, 2015



Andre decides he needs to get closer to the Lord. But first, his pastor tells him, he’s gonna have to fess up his sins to his family.


Andre was like “I almost got you shot my bad…soooo yall coming to my baptism right?” #Empire — Queen Bee (@SapioBee) October 22, 2015

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Lucious had the nerve to question God’s existence.


Lucious: “God don’t exist. Man up.” Me: #Empire — Philip Lewis (@Phil_Cosby_) October 22, 2015



And then Hakeem got kidnapped. In broad daylight. And no one was around with a camera phone in that public park. #HakeemGoneYall


When Hakeem got kidnapped #Empire — khendra ♍ (@khendoll) October 22, 2015



What did you love about tonight’s episode of Empire?