Toddler Has Critique For ‘Aladdin’ Princess Jasmine: ‘You Don’t Need A Boy To See The World!’
Walt Disney Pictures

A message from a four-year-old girl to Disney has gone viral after she critiqued the company’s damsel in distress storyline in the new live-action remake of the classic Aladdin.

According to USA Today, Madison Jade and her family were planning to see the new flick this weekend, when a recorded conversation with her mother showed that Madison was adamant about Princess Jasmine’s independence.

“Jasmine needs to go see the world by herself because Aladdin needs to just stay there and Jasmine can just go by herself,” Madison said from her car seat.

“You don’t need a boy to take you to see the whole world.”

This Disney classic has now been remade as a live-action film, starring Will Smith as the genie.

“Mommy… the princess doesn’t need a prince to rescue her, she can rescue herself,” Madison Jade says at another point in the recording.

Sometimes kids know best! Aladdin hits theaters this Memorial Day weekend.

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