Never Forget That Tiffany 'New York' Pollard Is A Reality Show Icon

Here are five moments that prove Pollard is reality television's most iconic figure.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 01, 2017

Tiffany ”New York” Pollard has been gracing our screens since Flavor of Love

The Utica-born New Yorker paved the way for many reality show ladies we see today, setting the bar for reality show HBICs everywhere. 

In honor of New York, the woman who single-handedly took reality TV to new heights, we’ve put together some of her most memorable moments. 

David's Dead Debacle

As a contestant on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, Tiffany brought the drama and, really, should have won the contest. However, there's one moment that sticks out during her stint on the show. After news broke of David Bowie's passing, the late icon's ex-wife Angie, a contestant on the show, shared the news with New York. However, Tiffany believed that Angie was talking about castmate David Gest, which led to the show's wildest moment.  

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Break A Leg

The reality queen gave acting a shot in New York Goes to Hollywood, a one-season series that gave us this iconic gem. We're happy that Tiffany now realizes the true meaning of ''break a leg."

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"B--h, You Look Like Luther Vandross!"

Of course, who could forget the iconic Flavor of Love moment when Hottie compared herself to Beyoncé. As usual, New York had a great clapback up her sleeve. 

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New York V. Gemma

Another Celebrity Big Brother moment, Tiffany and Gemma often butted heads during season 17. However, it was during Tiffany's confessional that she read Gemma for filth over some shoes. Iconic quote: "She said that those shoes were meant to be worn on a beautiful woman, so if that's the case, she should have put them back on the rack."

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Clowning Around

New York Goes To Work had some truly incredible moments, but the most memorable episode involved the reaity star's stint as a clown. It is an absolute mess. 

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