Is There a ‘Scandal’ Spin-Off On the Way?

Gladiators, you may want to brace yourselves for this news: Shonda Rhimes has thought of creating a B613 spin-off show.

“I have my own obsessions with B613 that are probably unhealthy,” the Scandal creator told The Hollywood Reporter. “I have like three versions of a B613 spinoff in my head that I obsess about constantly.”

We obsess about it, too, Shonda. B613 already runs the show as the main subject of recent episodes of Scandal. Olivia Pope and company are constantly working to take down the secret organization led by Joe Morton’s character, Rowan Pope, but B613 remains undefeated.

The supreme ruler of Shondaland says she already has a lot on her plate with three hit series and single-handedly running Thursday night television. So it looks like Gladiators may have to wait a while for a B613 show. 

“I have some jobs, as you may notice, and not a lot of time to do some new jobs, she said. “The last time I had three shows I created on the air at the same time, I promised myself I’d never do that again—so right now, I’m good.”