Queen Naija Gets Her Own Digital Series That Will Give Fans A Sneak Peek Into Her Court


"The Birth of Queen Naija" will take fans even more inside the singer's first tour, pregnancy and family.
Keyaira Boone Mar, 15, 2019

Viral vlogger turned R&B chart topper Queen Naija is giving her subjects an even closer look at the engaging life that keeps nearly 4 million people captivated daily. The “Medicine” singer will star in a three-part docuseries titled The Birth of Queen Naija.

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“I’m so excited to partner with MTV on this incredible journey, documenting my first national tour while pregnant with Legend,” Queen Naija told ESSENCE in a statement about the series. “I cannot wait for my supporters to get a behind-the-scenes look at my life on the road.”

It will premiere on Monday on MTV’s Facebook page, and will also air on MTV YouTube’s channel.

Subscribers to her YouTube channel have followed the 2019 ESSENCE Festival performer’s personal life since her very first video, but now they will get a chance to observe the young mother of two as she navigates the evolution of her career and defends her throne against naysayers.

Take a look at the brand new trailer for The Birth of Queen Naija above.