#TBT: Common & Mary J. Blige, “Come Close”
Screenshot/Common VEVO

In 2002, this year’s ESSENCE Fest performers teamed up to make one of the sweetest collaborations of the new millennium.  Relive the love and Common’s floppy hat days in his video with Mary J. Blige, in Come Close.

 Common’s female fan base grew exponentially after this video was released at the turn of the century.  In the simple, old school, suburban neighborhood visual, the 30-year-old rapped to the love of his life from the lawn as she gazed at him out of the window.  Mary, in a choppy-cut with warm blonde highlights and lowlights, sang her vocals from the steps.

The duo captured the laid-back, yet sincere, tone of the song’s content in the four minute visual.  

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