Tank may be the King of baby making music but he and his wife Zena Foster leave his lustful lyrics out of their bedroom. The singer, songwriter and producer stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast before the release of his latest album Elevation to discuss date nights, daddy duty and making sure what happens on stage stays there. 

“She don’t necessarily want the guy that’s on stage,” said Tank about his wife. He revealed that as a perfectionist he’s happy not listening to his own music when making love. “For me, it’s psychological because I’m always critiquing, you know what I mean? And I’m always like, ‘Ooh, what, could I do that a little bit better?’”

After spending over 20 years as the soundtrack to others’ love lives Tank (née Durrell Babbs) is used to one aspect of his work interacting with his personal life. He’s often stopped by fans who credit their children’s conception to his work. “I’ve met a lot of people who’ve said they’ve made actual babies, like real babies,” he said. 

But when he’s not in the glare of the spotlight, Tank’s own children are his top priority; he’s all about contributing to his household as a husband and father. “Dating is is important,” he explained to co-host Charli Penn and special guest co-host Julee Wilson; Tank acknowledged he knows his wife has an independent, full life when he’s on the road. (He’s currently on Fantasia’s The Sketchbook Tour through December 6.)

“She’s got a routine and a rhythm that she has to maintain for our household and I kind of get involved in that,” Tank said. “We go to the gym together, that kind of thing, just to keep our connection. Whenever I’m at home, I get up in the morning, cook the breakfast and help with the school drop offs.” 

He shared some of his signature dishes for feeding his little ones. “They love my pancakes, my fluffy crust, those are exciting. I keep stocked Cinnamon Toast Crunch, almond milk for the real ones. Bowl little bowl, big spoon, little spoon. I have all that on deck. Toaster strudel, I’m the king of icing. I laid the icing on the toaster strudel like nobody’s business. I’m respected in seven states for that.” 

Hear what else Tank has been cooking up in his kitchen and in the studio during his conversation on Yes, Girl! podcast with Charli Penn and special guest co-host Julee Wilson.

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