Daddy Lessons: Tank Teaching His Kids To Sing Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Watch Today

R&B singer Tank is passing his skills down to his children.

In an Instagram video, the singer teaches his daughter Zoey and son Zion to sing softly, which is adorable and hilarious.

“The kids are,” he wrote.

The kids are #Soft #Zizi #Zozo #RnBMoney #TheGeneral

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Also, note the look on Zion’s face when his big sister comes in at the beginning with Tank laughing, “You know that’s the wrong key.” By the end, everyone seems to be doing their own thing and it’s too cute and funny to handle. 

This isn’t the first time Zion and Zoey have stolen the show, either. For Tank and Zena Foster’s holiday photo, things took a hilarious turn when Zoey was too busy looking at her phone to care and Zion seemed completely over it.

“As far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family,” Foster captioned the photo.

Someone give this family a reality show, please.