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Tamron Hall Reveals How Her Selfie Became The Cover For Prince's "If Eye Could Get Ur Attention"

During a segment on her talk show, Hall spoke about the emails that led to her appearing on the cover.
Tamron Hall Details How Her Selfie Became The Cover For Prince’s ‘If Eye Could Get Ur Attention’
Photo by Jenny Anderson/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Turns out the late musical icon Prince wasn’t a huge fan of clothing, but loved giving fashion feedback.

During a segment on her daytime talk show, Tamron Hall opened up to Dan Piepenbring, co-writer of Prince’s memoir The Beautiful Ones, out now, about how she ended up on the cover of the Grammy Award-winning singer’s 2015 single, “If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.”

Reading from the memoir, Hall noted a photo of Prince wearing jeans and a bandana with no shirt, with the excerpt, “I wear what I wear because I don’t like clothes. This is what’s most comfortable.”

Tamron Hall Details How Her Selfie Became The Cover For Prince’s ‘If Eye Could Get Ur Attention’
If Eye Could Get Ur Attention

The talk show host then went on to add that it was a series of emails about her outfits that led to the “If Eye Could Get Ur Attention” cover.

“Prince called me every single morning to critique or give feedback on what I would wear,” she recalled. “I sent him a selfie one day, and he then stole my selfie and used it as the cover for his single. I woke up the next morning, and people were like, ‘You’re all over the internet. You’re on the cover of Prince’s song ‘If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.'”

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Hall explained that she’s very private about her relationship with the singer, but did share a snippet of one of their conversations.

“I never share my emails with Prince—I have hundreds of them if not a thousand—because I don’t want to feel like I’m exploiting,” she said before reading a flirty email.

“Eye hate ur red dress…Y? Because it’s touching ur body and eye’m not :(.”


“I’m happily married now,” Hall added. “We’ll leave that there. We’ll let that simmer.”

Prince passed away in April 2016 after being found unresponsive in his Paisley Park mansion in Minnesota. News broke shortly after that the icon had died from an opioid overdose