While Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton’s divorce plays out in real life, the unraveling of their marriage has been front and center on WE tv’s Tamar & Vince

In October, after nine years of marriage, Braxton filed for divorce. The couple share one child together, a 4-year-old son, Logan Vincent. In the weeks following the court filing, Tamar’s mother Evelyn Braxton alleged in a series of interviews that Herbert was violent in their marriage.

And in an upcoming episode of Tamar & Vince, Herbert conducts business with a potential new client, while Braxton is frustrated with her marriage and creates a secret plan behind his back. They get into an argument while in Atlanta and Braxton decides to move out.

“I’m not moving out to be malicious,” Braxton tells friend, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. “I’m moving out to help our relationship.”

“We kind of had it out last night because he took my phone and left. That’s kind of a big deal. That’s like a real bully move. Like, what are you doing? I feel like it was disrespectful, it was out of order. It made me feel like you have no respect for me or my things. You know what I’m saying? You gon’ take my phone and leave out the room? Yea, so I got real White girl on him.”

WE tv’s “Tamar & Vince” airing tomorrow- Thursday, December 21st at 9/8c on WE tv.


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