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SZA And Lizzo Gave Us The Meditation Vibes We Needed On IG Live

Two of our faves united for a Black Girl Magic dose of musical therapy 
SZA And Lizzo Gave Us The Spa Vibes We Needed On IG Live
Pat Gray / Kabik Photo Group

Having trouble finding your happy place? Black women have your back. SZA and Lizzo went on Instagram Live together to bring soothing vibes to those of us struggling to remain positive through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The two singers led a meditation session where they performed the healing set from the safety of their separate homes. 

In addition to their award-winning voices, they each had other instruments on deck to help them lift the vibrations of the 11,000 people watching. 

Lizzo tapped her main squeeze Sasha Flute to help her deliver calming tunes, while Sza used traditional Tibetan singing bowls to radiate healing sounds through her screen. The “Love Galore” singer also sat near a set of crystals, which have been known to promote a good energy.

The pair also laughed and joked with each other, bringing some levity to the stillness they created. 

Who needs a trip to a high-end spa for relaxation when you’ve got these two sharing their Black Girl Magic?