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Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun At 'Hidden Fences' Goof With Hilarious Trailer

The mashup calls out those at the Golden Globes who seem to think all Black actors and movies are the same. 

The “Hidden Fences” flubs from Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton at the Golden Globes on Sunday point to a larger problem in Hollywood––but the goof still led to some hilarious Twitter moments.

Now, Stephen Colbert has thrown his hat into the ring, poking fun at those who seem to think all Black actors and movies are the same.

On Monday night’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host and comedian dropped a hilarious trailer for “Hidden Fences,” a mashup of two of this year’s biggest films.

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The skit makes fun of the Golden Globes incident in which Jenna Bush asked Pharrell a question on the red carpet about being nominated for “Hidden Fences,” an amalgamation of two nominated movies, Hidden Figures and Fences. 

With some of your favorite stars like “Black Actors,” “Black Actresses,” and newcomer “a fence,” we think this movie could do pretty well at the box office––if it was real.