Basketball star Stephen Curry is venturing into film, producing a sports-themed coming-of-age story for streaming on Netflix. 

The Golden State point guard will be adapting Jewell Parker Rhodes’ young adult novel Black Brother, Black Brother, the story of a bullied and wrongly accused African American middle schooler who learns to channel his anger, envy, and longing for vengeance through the art of competitive fencing. 

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 31: (L-R) Erick Peyton, Stephen Curry, Bryant Barr, and Jeron Smith pose for a photo on the red carpet at 16th Street Station on April 1, 2019 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Facebook)

Curry’s production company Unanimous Media, cofounded with producer and director Erick Peyton, focuses on sports-themed television, film, and audio content. Rhodes’ novel was selected for adaptation after being featured as the February 2021 pick in Curry’s Underrated Book Club. Through the club, Curry seeks to shed light on overlooked authors, characters, and narratives. 

“Jewell’s Black Brother, Black Brother is a powerful story that addresses prejudice, colorism, and bullying through an amazing sports lens,” Curry and Peyton said in a joint statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix, it is really the only place it belongs.”

That’s not Curry’s only Netflix project coming down the pipeline. Unanimous Media has also announced an animated reboot of the classic 70s family sitcom Good Times, which is reportedly going into production soon.


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