Carlotta Versus Cassie: Brandy and Queen Latifah Spill All The Tea For 'Star' Season 3

Ok, you can stop looking at those Star season three sneak peeks now. Record label Midtown Sound along with Carlotta, Cassie, Star, Simone, Alex and the whole cast of characters is back for a brand new season of the juicy TV drama. Last I checked this show left us hanging on by an intense thread. There were fist fights, pregnant people getting shot and a showdown between Carlotta and Cassie, played by Queen Latifah and Brandy respectively. Lord have mercy, did someone die?! According to Brandy someone was definitely shot. She told ESSENCE while I visited the set of Star last month that filming the scene was “very intense.” “Clearly we don’t die, but you don’t now if somebody gets shot,” the singer-actress teased. Queen Latifah also said expect a lot of growth this season. “Nobody stays in the same exact place so we will definitely see a lot happen with our girls,” she said. Watch all of the hot tea Queen and Brandy spilled in the video above.