EXCLUSIVE: See Patti LaBelle As A No-Nonsense Mom And Gangster In This ‘Star’ Sneak Peek

Fans are in for a special treat when Star returns.

FOX has ordered additional episodes of the hit show, bringing its second season total to 18 episodes. And, fans are in for a real treat as Patti LaBelle makes a guest appearance as Carlotta’s (Queen Latifah) mom, Christine.

It’s LaBelle like you’ve never seen her. “I am that gun carrying mama,” the singing legend says in an exclusive clip for ESSENCE. “I’m just an old gangster who has money. I’m trying to help Carlotta in this business and she never let me get involved because of my activities.”

Latifah adds, “Carlotta comes from a bit of a dysfunctional family. They’ve got some criminal ways to them, let’s just say it like that.”

It was announced back in November that LaBelle and Brandy Norwood would be joining Star for a multi-episode arc with Norwood playing Carlotta’s younger sister, Cassie.  

The clip shows LaBelle’s Christine pulling a gun from her purse and wearing her finest fur as she and Carlotta hash out their issues. 

“I’m super excited that Patti LaBelle is playing my mother on this show,” Latifah adds. 

And, for LaBelle, it was a fun opportunity to play a new role, “It’s glorious for me to be the mother and to be a gangster. All of that, it’s all fun.”

Star returns Wednesday, March 28, on FOX.