Stacey Dash Appears In ‘Honor Up’ Trailer
Getty Images

In December, music mogul and director Damon Dash (Paid In FullState Property) released the promotion photo for the upcoming film, Honor Up. The Kanye West produced movie, starring Stacey Dash and Cam’ron, explores loyalty and family in Harlem’s underworld.

But despite being on the poster for the film, Dash took issue with it.

The actress-turned-conservative news pundit was so shaken over being in the film that she filed a lawsuit to contest her appearance. She also took to Twitter address the controversy.

“I’m sorry that my cousin Damon Dash is using our family relationship to advertise his movie,” she said on Twitter. “I have no written contract with him or Kanye West’s company (who I have had no dealings with at all). No one is authorized to use my name or photograph for Honor Up.”

Fast forward to Monday, and the film’s trailer is out, starring none other than Stacey Dash. And to add insult to injury, she’s in scenes with Damon —who she allegedly didn’t sign a contract with to be in the film.

No word on what her next move will be, but it does appear that Dash will indeed be in the film, scheduled for release on Feb 16.


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