Matthew A. Cherry’s ‘Hair Love’ To Hit Screens Thanks To Sony
Penguin Random House
BlacKkKlansman executive producerMatthew A. Cherry has teamed up with Sony Animation to bring his animated short, Hair Love, to life. Cherry, whose Kickstarter for the project went viral last year, shared the news on Twitter along with a reminder that his Hair Love picture book will also be available in May. “It was important to get this story out there and we are so grateful to Sony Pictures Animation for their generous support in helping us make that happen,” Cherry said of the partnership in a statement. He added, “They have championed it from its early stages and we cannot wait to share the project with the world.”
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Cherry added on Twitter that his dream would be to have Serena Williams voice a role in the film. And it seems Williams’ husband is on board with the idea: Alexis Ohanian Sr. tagged Williams’ sports agent, Jill Smoller, on Twitter to perhaps start the conversation officially. Hair Love will hit screens later this year, while the accompanying picture book will land on shelves May 14.


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