Chance the Rapper pleads for Obama to return with ’90s-era SNL ballad
Gary Miller/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

On Saturday Night Live, Chance the Rapper teamed with Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd to give us something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: a digital short music video begging former President Barack Obama to return to office and relieve Trump of his current duties.

“Every night, I turn the TV on and cry,” they crooned, channeling a ’90s R&B act like Boyz II Men. “I feel like we’re all going to die. So come back Barack! Even though it’s not allowed, we want you back somehow. I need you in my life… Like really bad, like world war bad.”

“We didn’t know just what he had,” Chance sings. “Now things are really bad.”

True to the era, the Thompson handled the random speaking in the middle of the song, even noting, “It’s been a long time Barack, almost as long as since a guy talked over a record like this.” He takes it a step further asking and answering his own questions, ultimately concluding, “I guess we stuck with this dude for awhile now. … So I’m just getting rained on for nothing.”

It’s enough to make us weep a blue tear.

Watch the sketch above.

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