You’ll Soon Be Able To Read Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’ To Your Little One
Al Pereira/Getty

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Man, it would be great if Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’ were a book,” then you’re in luck.

Get on Down, a Boston-based record label and online boutique, has answered your prayers, creating an 18-page book from the rapper’s classic song. 

A “Children’s Story” tells the tale of two kids who start robbing people, with one becoming a addicted to robbery and eventually being shot by police after robbing an undercover cop. The song includes some of the most sampled lines in music, “once upon a time not long ago” and “Uncle Ricky, could you read us a bedtime story?”

The book will also be launched alongside a re-release of Slick Rick’s The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. The re-released debut album and children’s book will be available to purchase on April 22.