Shonda Rhimes Talks ‘Scandal’ Mole Identity
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Last week’s episode of Scandal brought on cheers from overzealous “Olitz” fans. But as we inch closer to the season finale in just two short weeks, die-hard Gladiators (super Scandal fans) are itching to learn the identity of the mole. According to Scandal’s showrunner and creator, Shonda Rhimes, the mole’s identity will leave fans stunned.

“When we revealed who the mole was to the cast, cast members literally got up from the table and ran around the table screaming, which was hilarious,” said Rhimes to the Hollywood Reporter. “Then when we revealed the twist on the twist of who the mole was, I thought I’d have to sedate cast members because people were freaking out, which was awesome.”

Rhimes says it’s not just the identity of the mole that will be a shocker, but it’s who he/she is working with that will cause folks to freak out. “We’re really proud of who the mole is, that’s a pretty surprising twist, but it’s even bigger than that,” she followed up.

With any season finale comes an unbearable cliff hanger. And Rhimes says the second season ending will set up the likely third season well. “We’re going to leave everybody over the summer, I hope, with their mouths hanging open a little bit asking how the hell they’re going to get out of this, which is our goal… We end the season in a way that explodes the premise of the show in a way that’s good and strong and hopefully sticks with bold story telling.”

Last summer fans were asking ‘Who is Quinn?’ But what will everyone be asking at the end of this season? “There’s going to be several questions people are going to be asking in the off-season this year,” said Rhimes. “There’s going to be a few.”

What are your predictions for the mole’s identity?


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