Shirley Caesar Needs Y’all To Chill With The Gyrating
Getty Images for BET

Shirley Caesar’s “Hold My Mule” has swept the country as part of a viral trend called the #UNameItChallenge, which sees participants dancing, rapping, and editing their own clips to accompany a remix of the singer’s performance. 

Caesar was surprised by the response, but so far has enjoyed seeing all the video reenactments. She told TMZ, ”I’m really excited about everything that’s going on, in fact, it’s mind-boggling. I’m not used to this, I really don’t understand it.”

The gospel singer went on to say that she likes the original version – the live performance she did at her church – and isn’t here for all the gyrating in the videos people have been posting. 

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“When you look and see all of the gyrations and especially the women, I can even put up with the dancing, but all of the shaking and the twerking, all of that,” she said. “I just want everybody to know that I’m a gospel singer, I’m a born-again believer, I’m a pastor and I don’t ever want anything to bring a reflection on what I stand for.”

Future challengers, take note.


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