Sherree Whitfield Defends ‘RHOA’ Producers’ Decision to Film at Million Man March

Thousands came to Washington D.C. last month for the 20th anniversary Million Man March… And the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras were there to capture it all.

Though many critics feel that the cast members’ appearances at the historic march—and the show’s decision to film their journey—was simply a publicity stunt, Sheree Whitfield told The Grio that the suspicions are simply untrue.

“The Million Man March was a part of history,” Whitfield said, adding that she brought her 19-year-old son. “So for us to be there and to enlighten so many different people and for people to see us, it’s a great thing, and it opens up other mothers and women to get involved.”

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Whitfield, who is returning to the show after a three-year hiatus, said that though she went as a Black mother, she thought that it was important that the show air clips showing the positive atmosphere surrounding the event.

“With all that’s happening around the world, around the state, it’s definitely important that we show a more positive supportive side of what’s going on because we do have these boys,” Whitfield said. “A lot of times, people just want to see the drama, but this show needs to be more than just the drama.”