Hollywood’s Best Bromance: Shemar Moore Praises Long-Time Friend Bill Bellamy And Dishes On ‘The Brothers 2’
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Shemar Moore’s The Bounce Back is currently in theaters and the stellar rom-com is full of hilarious moments. We caught up with Shemar, Nadine Velazquez, and Bill Bellamy, where Shemar dished on the possibility of The Brothers 2 and gushed over long-time friend and co-star Bill Bellamy’s comedic talent. 

“We got the script. I wouldn’t tease you. It’s real,” Shemar admitted when we asked about The Brothers 2. The actor revealed that there were a few things that needed to fall into place first including everyone’s availability, adding that after The Bounce Back he hopes to be able to present the idea to execs and get the ball rolling. “What I’m excited about is to go into meetings and not just consider what they have available, they being Hollywood, but I want to be asked the question, what do you want to do next? Whether it’s me as an actor in front of the camera or just producing, either one. I would love to just kick ’em in the backside and say, Brothers 2, the fan base is out there.”

The actor also praised Bill Bellamy’s comedic chops. The two appeared in The Brothers together, but have known each other for a while. Bellamy is the kind of comedian whose energy is constant and contagious. Shemar shared that he picked Bill to play his best friend in the rom-com because of their natural chemistry and Bill’s talent. 

“We just have our thing. He knows what he’s good at, and I see what he’s good at, and he sees what I’m doing. We don’t step on each other. We ain’t trying to be each other. What he’s really great at is he can tell the joke and then he can take whatever the joke is and make it better, but he’s also a very good actor to where he can deliver the story and the emotion of it. He can deliver the emotion of it.”

He added, “What he was just saying, when he read the script, this is what he saw in the character. He wasn’t just saying, ‘I’m gonna make that funny, I’m going to make that funny,’ it wasn’t just about the jokes for him. It was the whole life of the character and the story. That’s a testament to him, because I don’t believe every comedian that we know out there can do that as well as he can do that.”