We Have A Lot Of Questions After The Season Two Finale Of ‘Insecure’ 

On Sunday, HBO’s Insecure wrapped up its second season, giving Issa and Lawrence the closure they needed.

The show’s second season has been a roller coaster of emotions. What’s happening with Daniel and Issa? What is Molly thinking hopping into a messy relationship with Dro? 

There are some spoilers ahead, but we have a few burning questions that we hope are answered in Insecure‘s next season.

Like, what is up with Tiffany and Derek’s relationship? Who the hell is Fred? And, one fan has a theory that somehow involves Chad.




When are we getting a Due North spin-off?


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Are Issa and Lawrence really over? Will we ever see Lawrence again?


What the hell is Molly doing with Dro? And, is Dro really in an open marriage?



Also, more Chad, please and thank you.


There’s much to look forward to with Insecure’s third season, including another incredible soundtrack, but fingers crossed that the show tackles some of our burning questions. The people need answers!