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[MUSIC] Welcome back to 50 Shades of Sexy, a special edition of Essence Live. I'm Charreah Jackson. And I'm Niecy Nash. Yes, she. She is. All week, Hollywood's' leading love guru has been helping us turn up the sexy just in time for Valentine's Day. Yes I have, and today, we're coming to you from Goddess Fitness Dance. Because one of my favorite things to do is to bring the streets to the the sheets. The streets to the sheets. I don't know Niecy. A lot of women don't feel comfortable with their man all up in the strip club. Are you- Well Saying bring a stripper. Home? Oh, no. That is absolutely not what I think. If that's your fantasy, go for it. What I was saying is that I think it's a very sexy idea to secretly take pole dancing lessons. Buy yourself a retractable pole, put it up in your bedroom, and give you man something he won't forget. [MUSIC] Can somebody help me hoist all this meat up on the pole? [LAUGH] Anyone? Don't judge. [LAUGH] That's very sexy. But I know a lot of these, a lot of women are not all the way comfortable with having a pole up in the bedroom. Here's another action. If you don't wanna put your soul on the pole, what you can do is learn. A lap dance or a very sexy chair dance. That could also get the party started and help his fantasy and maybe even yours. Alright, I guess I outta get my stripper name together, this is very sexy. Ooh, I love it. Ladies, let us know if you tried it, would you try it, and if you did try it, how'd it go? Tweet us at [INAUDIBLE] or just make your comment below. Thanks again to Nikki Nash, and this has been 50 shades of Sexy on [UNKNOWN]. But what I usually do is I'll put up a sign that says I only take 20's that's how I get the money to buy my shoes.

Keke Palmer And Niecey Nash's 'Scream Queens' Is Coming To An End

The Fox show was just canceled, but the ladies are keeping busy. 


Scream Queens is coming to an end.

The gory FOX show that mixed comedy and horror for two seasons will not be returning in the fall, a developlment announced during this week’s upfronts.

As reported by Variety, the show struggled to find an audience over its first two seasons, though it did perform well in delayed viewing and was extremely buzzy on social media. FOX also liked that the show brought in a younger demo.

Ryan Murphy was behind the program that pulled from elements of his hits GleeNip/Tuck and American Horror StoryKeke Palmer and Niecey Nash starred in both seasons of Scream Queens.

Fans look forward to seeing Nash in her new TNT series Claws, executive produced by Rashida Jones.

And Palmer recently signed to UTA where she will be represented by a team of agents who will manage her interests in film, television, music, licensing and endorsements, and digital media, as reported by Variety

She’s also been posting more music on her social media accounts.

Apparently the show must, and will, go on.