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'Scandal' Recap: 'Put a Ring On It'

It was a tangled matrimonial web on last night's Regina King-directed episode of Scandal.
‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘Put a Ring On It’
Stevie Wonder told us that all in love is fair but a blond man-whore in a bar? That seems unfair. Once Michael made out with said man-whore, Olivia and the team had to spring into action and save Cyrus’ career on the latest installment of Scandal titled “Put a Ring On It.” That meant Cyrus and Michael had to get married and fast. Liv even called Cyrus a “pregnant bride.”     And just like that, this sham of a wedding had everyone thinking and taking action. It gave Mellie a political platform independent of Fitz. Now Mellie is pro gay marriage. Sally Langston, on the other hand, used the wedding to attack Cyrus and Fitz on her talk show by exposing them for their lies. Speaking of lies, didn’t Sally kill her husband and pretend he died naturally and didn’t Cyrus help her with the cover up? Sally forgets too quickly. (More on that later.)       For Cyrus, the wedding had him reflecting on his two previous marriages and all the lies he told his wife Judy and his husband James. He lied and told Judy he was straight and fibbed to James when he said he wouldn’t use him as a political pawn because James was a journalist. But of course he used him. That’s why it meant so much when Cyrus told Michael he wasn’t going to be a good spouse but he wouldn’t break his heart either because they’re not in love. He also said Michael is a good person – which was a heck of a lot more than Michael’s painfully homophobic parents bothered to do. They were only there because Lizzie Bear paid them to be. Dang.     Last but not least, Cyrus and Michael’s wedding had Olivia thinking about Fitz and Vermont and the ring he gave her. Turns out, the ring was his grandmother’s and he gave it to Olivia so she wouldn’t hate him. Awww! But Olivia threw the ring at him. Then she found it. Then she didn’t wear it and it broke his heart. But by the end of the episode, she wore it and he knew. He knew she didn’t hate him – once again. All in love is fair. She should have never left his side. Sing it Stevie! Regina King directed this engaging episode, by the way. Great job, lady!     Other highlights included Mellie and her big curly hair cursing out Lizzie Bear; Olivia blackmailing Sally with Michael’s old client list which included Sally’s closeted gay husband whom she murdered; and seeing Ella after all this time. Yay! Cyrus is still a dad and now Michael is, too.     What did you think of Thursday’s Scandal and do you give a hoot about the Olitz ring? Weigh in below.