After the Show: ‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘The Key’

Nothing summed up this episode better than when Jake realized that the real reason he was sitting in the Pentagon basement, handcuffed and on a hunger strike, was because he had gone off and done dirty, dirty things to the president’s girlfriend, and he let out that laugh and said “I’m so screwed.” Yes, Jake. You sure seem to be. Especially as Fitz belied that Good Guy title you tried to give him and wailed on you at the end of the episode, ostensibly for killing his son but we all know he’s been wanting to do this for months. And this tweet from Scott Foley didn’t put any minds at ease about the character’s future.

Meanwhile this episode left me with a lot of questions:

What has happened to Liv’s gut? I mean seriously, why is her instinct so off? Is it really as simple as that her love haze masks it? All three of the main men in her life (Fitz, Rowan, and Jake) are able to lie to her or run her in circles for quite some time before she catches on but don’t let a client try it. Anyhow, it was frustrating to see how long it took her to realize Jake was actually missing and not playing games by not returning her calls. And then the fact that she bought Rowan’s lies hook, line and sinker, especially given his track record, was just sad. But Liv seems to be craving normalcy. She had what she thought was a genuine hangout moment with her dad and seems to have forgotten he’s pretty much a lying monster.

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What were you thinking, Huck? Telling your ex the truth about where you’ve been since you disappeared from the lives of her and your son sounds like a good idea but really, what normal person wants to believe any of that? Pair that skepticism with your, ahem, slightly crazed apearrance (no offense) and we can see why she felt a little chat with a shrink would be a good idea for you. Frankly, we were just happy she didn’t have some B613 connections of her own and that setup wasn’t a bit more bloody.

Are you for real, Cyrus? Are we all supposed to forget you were once willing to kill your husband yourself? But okay, keep going with that rightous fury against Jake.

Can Abby redeem herself? Every episode I think Abby can’t become any more annoying and then she tops herself. First refusing to help Olivia because she was protecting her turf and then showing up on her doorstep ranting about David. But at the first sign of Olivia cracking she swooped in for a hug and according to the previews is back to calling her “my friend” and confronting the leader of the free world for her. So it’s looking promising.

Is Smelly Mellie gone for good? While we have wholeheartedly enjoyed Off-Her-Rocker Mellie this season, the deliberate kicking off of her Uggs and that cleansing shower seems like a farewell to me. We will watch any version of Mellie that Bellamy Young brings us, so bring it on!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Scandal?