‘Scandal’ Poll: Does the Other Woman Ever Really Win?

Last night bombs were dropping all over the set of ABC’s juicy evening drama Scandal. In what was, perhaps, the show’s most “scandalous” episode yet, fans gawked as Fitz risked his presidency to prove to his mistress Olivia (Kerry Washington) that he was finally putting her first.

After a heartbroken Liv, tired of feeling betrayed and abandoned by Fitz, demanded that he “earn her,” he showed up on her doorstep and told her to “sit down and watch me choose you.” While they were getting intimate, First Lady, Mellie, anxiously watched the clock hoping for a Hail Mary phone call from her husband that would indicate their marriage still had even an inkling of a chance. Well, sorry FLOTUS, it looks like, this time, the mistress wins. (Undoubtedly, next week’s episode will feature a face-to-face confrontation where Shirley Brown’s “Woman to Woman” should be playing in the background.)

Gasp! Did this man really just give up the White House and his political reputation to prove his undying love to his mistress? Although Black Twitter rejoiced and celebrated the long overdue, steamy reunion, we know what you were really thinking: Only on TV, right? Wrong! In real life, sometimes the other woman does get the man. But, does that mean she has “won!”
Diehard “Olitz” stans will say that their true love has finally conquered all, but any woman who has ever been cheated on, betrayed by her husband or abandoned by the man she lured from the arms of another woman, might disagree. When adultery and betrayal are on the menu, chances are there won’t be any delicious dessert at the end of the meal, and if there is, the good taste won’t last for long. Real talk alert! Ladies, would you really want a man who left another woman to be with you? Something tells us that your answer wasn’t “yes.” And, more importantly, could costing another woman her family or marriage to start your own ever really equal up to you coming out on top? It’s doubtful. Let’s discuss! Vote for our poll below and get to talkin’.

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