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'Scandal' Poll: Did the Mole's Identity Surprise You?

Last night's episode left many shocked in disbelief! How do you feel about the mole's identity.
‘Scandal’ Poll: Did the Mole’s Identity Surprise You?
ABC/Nicole Wilder

Last night, Scandal left many gladiators shocked at the show’s big reveal of the mole’s identity.

After months of building anticipation and excitement, we finally learned the mole is Billy Chambers—last seen in season one finale. He received inside help from David Rosen, who worked closely with Olivia Pope & Associates, and led them astray to steal the Cytron card.

With so much chaos and havoc going on with Olivia and Fitz, and his impending second election, it’s no wonder the Gladiators were taken off course. Not everyone, perhaps most importantly Olivia, is focused!

According to an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, next week’s episode will reveal why exactly David went to work for Billy. But it’s clear from the Gladiator’s past treatment toward David why he may want to seek revenge.

But the question is, were you surprised at the mole’s identity or do you think there’s another big twist ahead? Take our poll and share your thoughts of last night’s big episode.

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